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BUZZ Killer

More information about this invention: Reference fret level


For all instruments - 132 mm 

This innovative tool can reproduce the fretboard relief for instant localized fret leveling with the strings on™No need to straighten the neck or remove the strings for leveling, unless you still want to level the frets the old way without the strings or/and with the neck set straight. With Buzz Killer single fret and spot leveler you can fix buzz very quickly. You won't need to stop playing! You can refinish the frets later, if not strictly necessary like on an average shop-repair. Its base features a sequence of abrasive and protective zones that will file down only the higher fret(s). You can simply place the base of the tool on an good working area adjacent to the buzz and adjust the tool so that the surface of the base comes in contact with all of the frets below. Then, place the tool in the buzzing area and level it. If the area to level is straight (e.g. neck relief set to zero) the BUZZ Killer can be also left straight. Thanks to its adjustability it can work like a "copy and paste" tool that replaces any bad working shape of a fretboard area with a nearby good working one. Abrasive and protective areas of the tool base can be arranged depending on the portion of the fretboard and the quantity of the frets that need to be leveled. It can level also one fret at a time in each area of the fretboard, adjusted substantially straight or curved. It comes preloaded with #320 grit abrasive plus a refill roll.

BUZZ Killer spot fret leveling tool has been selling worldwide since 2011. Generally, it comes set straight.










"The sandpaper can be in just the center or across the whole bottom of the “beam” depending on how many frets need to be knocked down."

March 2, 2014 - Adams Guitar Repair CALIFORNIA (single fret leveling with the BUZZ Killer)


"How did I get by before I had this?"

April 20, 2015 - Decibel Guitars CANADA (spot leveling with the BUZZ Killer tool)



More information about this invention: Reference fret level


RR Kit (reload/refinishing kit)

Reload And Refinishing Kit is all you need to reload the leveling tool and crown the frets after leveling them with one of our systems. The file in the Kit typically covers two or more fret level works. LittleBone #150 grit would last more than the LittleBone #400 grit but it would also leave deeper marks to refinish. Advise when you contact if you prefer LB150 in your Kit, instead of the LB400.


It contains:

-1 LittleBone Fret File #400grit

-1 roll 0.64mm x 2.9m self-adhesive abrasive #320 grit for reloading and refinishing (it replaces the little roll coming with the stand alone tool)-Masking tape for fretboard protection (2 sizes)

-1 abrasive fiber #600 grit for refinishing




*Kit is sold only with one of our fret leveling tools for additional US$38.

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-Prices are in USD

-Shipping price is typical for 1 tool and 1 Kit. Starting from minumum $20.

-RED is out of stock

-RR Kit is accessory (sold only with a leveling tool)

-Final shipping price may vary depending on volume, weight and final destination of the order

R.M.KATANA for guitar $225 +Shipping  $40
R.M.KATANA for bass $255 +Shipping  $50
R.M.nanoKATANA *uke $165 +Shipping  $36
R.M.BUZZ-Killer spot lev.  $80 +Shipping  $25
R.M.LITE for guitar  $40 +Shipping  $35
R.M.LITE for bass  $55 +Shipping  $38
RR Kit (reload/refinishing)  $38 Accessory  
LittleBone #400 grit  $25 +Shipping  $20
LittleBone #150 grit  $20 +Shipping  $20

LittleBone DoubleAngle #400 grit

 $28 +Shipping  $20
LittleBone DoubleAngle #150 grit  $28 +Shipping  $20

LittleBone DoubleGrit


 $28 +Shipping  $20
LittleBone ice #320 grit  $28 +Shipping  $20
LittleBone ice #150 grit  $28 +Shipping  $20
LittleBone ice Special  $35 +Shipping  $20
Digital Action Gauge  $34 +Shipping  $20
FRET RAIL mini  $18 +Shipping  $20
Feather File for nut   $20 +Shipping  $20


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