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LittleBone ice


LittleBone ice is a refillable and bigger version of the classic LittleBone Fret File. It lasts longer and it is easier to use. LittleBone ice has been for sale in limited quantities but it will be in stock with the other classic Rectify Master tools soon.





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Price list

REMINDER: to buy our tools please make sure to visit the How to buy page first. Thank you 

-Prices are in USD

-Shipping price is typical for 1 tool and 1 Kit

-RED is out of stock

-RR Kit is accessory (sold only with a leveling tool)

-Final shipping price may vary depending on volume, weight and final destination of the order

R.M.KATANA for guitar $225 +Shipping  $40
R.M.KATANA for bass $255 +Shipping  $50
R.M.nanoKATANA *uke $165 +Shipping  $36
R.M.BUZZ-Killer spot lev.  $80 +Shipping  $25
R.M.LITE for guitar  $40 +Shipping  $35
R.M.LITE for bass  $55 +Shipping  $38
RR Kit (reload/refinishing)  $38 Accessory  
LittleBone #400 grit  $25 +Shipping  $18
LittleBone #150 grit  $20 +Shipping  $18

LittleBone DoubleAngle #400 grit

 $28 +Shipping  $18
LittleBone DoubleAngle #150 grit  $28 +Shipping  $18

LittleBone DoubleGrit


 $28 +Shipping  $18
LittleBone ice #320 grit  $28 +Shipping  $18
LittleBone ice #150 grit  $28 +Shipping  $18
LittleBone ice Special  $35 +Shipping  $18
Digital Action Gauge  $34 +Shipping  $18
FRET RAIL mini  $18 +Shipping  $18
Feather File for nut   $20 +Shipping  $18


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