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Reference Fret Level™ is a new way to level a single fret or a number of frets based on a given level. It was brought to guitar community by inventor Davide Bissoli (Tokyo) in 2011. The bottom of the tool comprises a number of areas with different properties. The areas are arranged to allow the tool to sand down only the higher frets and quit sanding once it comes in touch with the lower frets that are being used as a guide or how Bissoli prefers to call them: REFERENCE.

This ground breaking idea can be used straight or with a desired relief in order to match with the relief of the neck and therefore avoiding to adjust the neck straight for leveling. Leveling with the relief on the tool can also allow to "imprint" a given contour to a fretboard or a portion of it that is not obtainable otherwise. This brings further precision to a leveling operation because sometimes the truss rod might generate a relief that is not ideal. In that case the leveling operation might become ineffective despite using the technique of fret leveling with strings on™. It does also allow to level the frets with the strings on on an instrument that doesn't have a truss rod, hence its neck can't be adjusted straight or as desired. The BUZZ Killer™ tool (in the picture) is just one of the many configurations contempled by Bissoli's Technology. The device can be made in various lengths working on just three frets or more, up to the entire fretboard. It can include the use different types of abrading material like: diamond grit, file, sand paper or alike. Non abrasive areas can be made in various materials including metals, plastics and alike, etc. Although, Teflon has proved to be a very effective and durable material for this task. The base is basically straight. Depending on the configuration, Bissoli's leveling tools can generate either an arch or a desired contour like for example a concatenation of different curves.


2011 - Example of use of Buzz Killer (Italian)

2011 - First Twitter post of a BUZZ Killer single fret and spot fret leveling tool


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