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More than 30 years ago, during my first fret leveling, I realized that it couldn't work perfectly without true string tension. Since then I have been designing and improving some tools that allow to level the frets with the strings still on. My tools are now available for everybody. Feel free to contact for more information.



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Prices are in USD

Final shipping price may vary depending on volume, weight and final destination of the order.

International shipping price is minimum $32. At the moment most destinations are covered by EMS which is quality service but it can be more expensive than certain other services that we have been using until a few years ago which aren't available at this time.

*There might be some lower prices for those Countries that still offer economy shipping services. Please let us know where you buy from so we can check the latest shipping options and prices for your Country.

RED is out of stock

RR Kit is accessory (sold only with a leveling tool)

R.M.KATANA for guitar $220 +Shipping  $32
R.M.KATANA for guitar Limited Edition 440mm $195 +Shipping  $32
R.M.KATANA for bass $255 +Shipping  $42
R.M.nanoKATANA *uke $145 +Shipping  Ask
R.M.BUZZ-Killer single fret and spot leveler  $80 +Shipping  Ask
R.M.LITE for guitar  $40 +Shipping  Ask
R.M.LITE for bass  $55 +Shipping  $38
Rocking File  $18 +Shipping  Ask
UNDERSTRING FLK mini  $59 +Shipping  Ask
RR Kit (reload/refinishing)  $38 Accessory  
LittleBone #400 grit  $20 +Shipping  Ask
LittleBone #150 grit  $24 +Shipping  Ask

LittleBone DoubleAngle #400 grit

 $28 +Shipping  Ask
LittleBone DoubleAngle #150 grit  $28 +Shipping  Ask

LittleBone DoubleGrit


 $28 +Shipping  Ask
LittleBone ice #320 grit  $28 +Shipping  Ask
LittleBone ice #150 grit  $28 +Shipping  Ask
LittleBone ice DoubleGrit  $42 +Shipping  Ask
LittleBone ice Special  $38 +Shipping  Ask
Digital Action Gauge  $36 +Shipping  Ask
FRET RAIL mini  $16 +Shipping  Ask
Feather File for nut   $20 +Shipping  Ask
BOOMERANG FRET FILE  $43 +Shipping Ask
TREM GUARDIAN  $39 +Shipping $15
DRAGONCLAW  $25 +Shipping Ask


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