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KATANA fret leveling system

True string tension fret level

Expand your imagination!









Bass - 604 mm




Guitar - 464 mm




Ukulele - 275 mm



Other lengths and back bow feature: under request.



The Original Understring Fret Leveling With Strings On By Rectify Master Since 2010.
KATANA FRET LEVEL is a system for leveling the frets or fretboard under real strings tension on a straight or bowed neck. It offers the highest precision because it can create the ideal progressive curve needed by your strings to play well. Fret leveling with the strings on and tuned to tension with the correct neck relief allows to level the frets with best accuracy while removing the minimum amount of fret material. With the KATANA fret tool you can level the frets on your bench or using it with the instrument placed in playing position with the same results.
 Your choice. See also the BuzzKiller video to get an idea... You can adjust the tool in order to match with the fretboard, not only the inverse which is now a 
limit of the past! The rest is in the online manual. The complete leveling with this tool can take a few minutes. The system includes a special string raiser to unlock the leveling tool without altering the balance of the neck and 3 special gauges (original Rectifymaster concept) for accurately tuning the tool or the neck. Manual on site contains detailed text and tutorial video (your user name and password are included in the package). It comes preloaded with #320 grit abrasive plus a recharge roll. This ultra innovative tool is a RECTIFYMASTER exclusive. (Patented)






Picture: KATANA tool for bass.



1 little recharge rool,

3 R.M.Pyramids,

1 MagicSwitch





KATANA fret leveler for guitar

stand alone or with the reload and refinish Kit:  $249+35


(For Outside Japan Only)





KATANA fret leveler for bass

stand alone or with the reload and refinish Kit: $286 + 35











Katana guitar $18 REGISTERED MAIL - SMALL PACKET worldwide shipping


Katana bass  US$28 E.M.S. worldwide shipping (express + tracking code + insurance)






Need to refinish or do more fret jobs? Get the RELOAD/REFINISH KIT!


(Choose the Kit option: "RMKG + Kit" in the Paypal button)




Optional Kit for reloading and refinishing. It includes LittleBone 400 all-in-one fret file. Price: US$35