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MagicSwitch type I *Basically, Buzz Killer tool doesn't need the string raiser accessory. If working close to the nut becomes less than smooth, the string raiser will solve the issue.

For all our leveling tools: insert the string raiser between two strings, between the nut and the first fret. Don't put it too close to the nut or it might alter the strings tension or even break. If you have the reinforced version, place it same way and turn it 90 degrees to raise the strings as in the video.

How to use R.M.KATANA

The overall operation is similar to leveling with the R.M.LITE. The step added is about adjusting the tool with the neck or vice versa. With R.M.KATANA system is possible also performing a fret level with both the tool and the neck straight. It depends on the user. Some users try leveling the frets straight the first time, just to test the system and get confident.

Do a good set up on your instrument. Place the Pyramids at the extremities of the fretboard and one in the center. Adjust the Katana tool in order to let the bottom touch all the Pyramids (the 3 gauges). To be more accurate, you might do that without the abrasive in the bottom of the tool. For best accuracy sand with short strokes, better if shorter than an inch. Move the Katana tool along an "X" pattern to make the abrasion more effective and linear. 

The tool can be used with the instrument laying on a support as in the picture, or in playing position (vertically). 



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How to use

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