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Come si usa R.M.LITE / FRETRAIL

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Leveling the frets with R.M.LITEand FRETRAILfret leveling systems.

*If there are frets too worn, it may be necessary to change them with new ones before proceeding with the leveling operation. If there are loosen frets, you need to fix them as well.

*Set the neck very straight. You can easily do that by fretting one string to the first and the last fret and adjust the truss rod until middle frets are likely touching the string too.

*Some systems were provided with 3 R.M.PyramidGauges. Place them at the extremities of the fretboard and one in the middle. Adjust the truss rod until the bottom of the tool touches all the gauges.

*Slip the tool between a couple of strings and reach the frets. You can start from one side or the other. Even from the center. The most important thing is that you keep sanding homogeneously the entire fretboard.

*Use light pressure on the tool placing your hand around the 12th fret area and move the tool diagonally alternating the direction every few strokes, following an X pattern. Let the abrasive do the job. Pressing too much can affect the balance of the instrument. From time to time end a stroke by aligning the tool with the strings in order to maintain it consistently parallel to the axis of the neck.

*Every 10 strokes or so, jump to the next couple of strings. That helps to maintain the original radius.



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Come si usa

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