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LittleBone Fret File



LittleBone all-in-one fret file

LittleBone Fret File is our original concept and exclusive product.

This All in One fret file is helpful for recrowning any fret. It is good for renewing worn frets or reshaping them after that they have been leveled. This is the simplified version of a more complex project based on alternative concepts of fret work. This model was designed with a unique abrasive base with the optimal operating angle and a compact shape that make it perfect for any skill level (further versions are coming soon). The abrasive surface is configured to work only where it is really necessary, absolutely not on the top of the fret. It helps to take off material on the sides homogeneously preparing it to be rounded easily with sand paper. It saves your fret leveling and it could also help to correct the intonation of your frets. Grit #400 is standard, which is enough since R.M. system has a very light touch and usually doesn't leave big edges on the fret. There is also the #150 grit version for heavy duty. LittleBone classic #400 grit is also included in the Reload and Refinish Kit.



ATTENTION: if you think to buy LittleBone for steel frets, please remember that its grit is not so different from the grit of the other diamond files. Diamond files are quite delicate and might not last like the others. Although, buyers report that LittleBone #150 grit is not bad on steel frets.



Diamond Grit - Brass Body 12x12x36mm (ultracompact)


LittleBone 400 (classic)


Easy and affordable. Classic version. #400 grit works well with our leveling system. It helps to reshape non heavy worn out frets. For reshaping after standard levelings and bad condition frets, #150 grit is recommended.


    $18 + $4 Economy Shipping or $10 Shipping with Registered Number 




Economy Shipping: No tracking code. No insurance.






LittleBone 150


#150 grit for a more intense use.


  $20  + $4 Economy Shipping or $10 Shipping with Registered Number





(For Outside Japan Only)






LittleBone - double grit


With double grit #400 + #150 (or #100 grit) for normal and heavy duty. 


$28 + $10 Shipping with Registered Number


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LittleBone - double angle


With double angle for more initial crowning simulation. Available grits: #400 and #150.


$28 + $4 Economy Shipping or $10 Shipping with Registered Number


to buy it, please contact to submit your preference and request the invoice




Preparing, Rounding and Refinishing the frets with a LittleBone standard



The three main models of the LittleBone Fret File



Many other files based on my concept will be out soon with the release of the new home page. Stay tuned!