High quality ALUMINIUM fret leveling beam working under string tension. With this system, all that you need to do is straighten the neck and go. The complete leveling of the frets with this tool takes a few minutes. The system contains a special string lifter to unlock the movement of the tool, a Bonus set of gauges to adjust the neck with the tool and a little roll of 320 grit self stick abrasive. Manual on site contains detailed text and tutorial video (Your user name and password are included in the package).


Abrasive surface standard length:

Guitar - 472.5 mm Price: $35


REGISTERED SMALL PACKET (worldwide shipping) $18











Bass - 609 mm Price: $42


E.M.S. (worldwide shipping) $32



Optional Kit for reloading 

and refinishing. It includes the LittleBone all in one fret file. Price: US$35