Wednesday, 15 January 2014 06:04

R.M.KATANA R.S.B.B. with back bow feature


This version of the Katana fret tool is called R.S.B.B. which means Relief-Straight-BackBow. It offers the back bowing option up to the standard adjustable relief. This function has a very limited use. For example: it might apply when the tool doesn't come back straight anymore, possibly after that it was extremely overbent and/or damaged (no need to reach that stage at all as it is dangerous for both the tool itself and the frets!). Those who want also this feature can contact to order.


R.M.KATANA R.S.B.B. for guitar: $350 + + Shipping $28 *E.M.S.


R.M.KATANA R.S.B.B. for bass: $370 + Shipping $36 *E.M.S.