Reload and Refinish Kit All that you need to reload a R.M. tool and/or refinish frets. Depending on how worn are the frets, this Kit could cover from 3 to 6 or more average fret level works. LittleBone #150 grit would last more than the LB400 but it would also leave deeper marks to refinish on the frets. Advise when you contact if you prefer LB150 in your Kit.


It contains:


-1 All in one fret file LittleBone 400grit


-0.64 mm x 1.5 m self-adhesive abrasive grit #320 for reloading and refinishing (it replaces the little roll coming with the stand alone tool)

-Masking tape for fretboard protection (2 sizes) 


-Abrasive fiber grit #600 for refinishing


-Little dose of Compound *the container may vary depending on what we have in stock


You can buy it with one tool for additional US$35. Please check the options box of each tool.