Reload and Refinish Kit All that you need to reload a R.M. tool and/or refinish frets. Depending on how worn are the frets, this Kit could cover from 2 or more tipical fret level works done with our system. LittleBone #150 grit would last more than the LB400 but it would also leave deeper marks to refinish. Advise when you contact if you prefer LB150 in your Kit.


It contains:


-1 All in one fret file LittleBone 400grit


-0.64 mm x 1.5 m self-adhesive abrasive grit #320 for reloading and refinishing (it replaces the little roll coming with the stand alone tool)

-Masking tape for fretboard protection (2 sizes) 


-Abrasive fiber grit #600 for refinishing


-Little dose of Compound *the container may vary depending on what we have in stock


You can buy it with one tool for additional US$35. Please add it to your request when contacting us.