OUR LUTHIER TOOLS ARE 100% ORIGINAL. For any questions or information, please feel free to contact. 

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Luthiers, please read! Rectify Master has received requests from the public for a listing of luthiers and shops using our products and we are pleased to finally be able to provide this information to the world! We truly believe this can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Luthiers will gain another source of advertising their goods and services. It will help players around the globe to find you and your services. Potential customers will be able to see the world-class results made possible with Rectify Master tools in person at your shops. Rectify Master can show the world the luthiers and repair persons using our tools.



TO ALL LUTHIERS and other stringed instrument repair services using our exclusive tools: we are starting a world-wide luthiers map on our soon to be updated webpage. This Luthiers Map will list those luthiers and repair shops who use Rectify Master tools and appreciate the superior results made possible by them. If you use the Rectify Master tools, you already know that our system is an original... it is the only system that allows fret leveling under actual playing conditions and string tension resulting in more accurate fret leveling and improved playing

Luthiers and Companies willing to be featured can contact Rectify Master and request to be added to our world-wide map. At present, the Luthiers Map is reserved for luthiers and companies operating as a business and those using Rectify Master Tools.

If you wish to be featured on our Luthiers map, we will need the following information: Your Company Name; Your Company Address; One picture of the luthier/repair person either holding and/or working with your favorite Rectify Master Tool(s); One picture of your shop (optional); A brief statement explaining why you prefer Rectify Master tools; A written statement of authorizing Rectify Master to post the material on our webpage.

IMPORTANT - We will reserve the right to publish (or not publish) each listing or keep them public depending on a few factors such as, but not limited to: reputation, respect for others, etc. Such factors may result in your request being placed on hold and/or being refused without the need to provide explanation. Participants may request to make changes to their details/pictures at any time by contacting RECTIFY Master. Participants can also asked to be removed from the listing at any time as well. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for Rectify Master to comply with such requests. We will not be held responsible for the accuracy of any information provided to us and sequentially provided by us to the public. Everyone will be directly responsible for the information they provide. If we notice that there is potentially misleading, missing, or incorrect information we reserve the right to remove the Luthier or Company listing from the map at any time without notice.


ONLY A FAN and not a luthier or repair person? Don’t worry....Rectify Master will also be creating a separate space for you.


If you have any suggestions, please just let us know. Thank you!




Find your luthier

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